Quality focused partner

Quality focused partner

Who is behind Maydough and where is it going?


(The journey)

From humble beginings

My name is Mehmed Isakovic, but I go by my american name, Medo and I am a 22 year old college dropout. My journey through education has been everything but conventional. Going into college I was awarded a prestigious and coveted scholarship covering my tuition and then some for my entire time pursuing an education in computer science.
It was in my second year, however, where after class one day I pulled my professor aside and asked him to make my homework assignments harder or to add more requirements in hopes of learning more. My professor laughed in my face, told me to just do the homework, and during the next class made fun of me mocking me in front of the entire class. After that semester and decided to take a year off of school.
During this time I started learning on my own, teaching myself, and eventually, by chance, stumbling upon web development. I fell in love, I would spend 12 hours a day teaching myself and I became obsessed with it. When my year was coming to an end and I had the option to return to my scholarship, I didn’t hesitate a moment when dropping out. I was living with my parents, working as a server in restaurants, and whatever time I had left I would spend learning websites.
For years I did this, slowly becoming an expert in web development until last year where I began doing it full time. Now I am an expert in web development, and I am the founder of Maydough, a company that specializes in web development and software solutions.

(What's to come)

A look into the future

I see Maydough becoming a leader across multiple industries, including tech, hospitality, and finance. I envision a company where each division offers tailored services and software, enabling our clients to operate smoothly and efficiently.
My journey from a scholarship recipient to founding Maydough has been driven by a belief in doing things differently, in challenging the status quo, and in never settling for less than perfection. As I stand before you today, I am committed to leading Maydough into the future, setting new standards, and redefining what is possible in the digital world.

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