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As the digital landscape evolves brands must evolve with it or allow for others to grow beyond them. Websites have evolved, and along with it the art of creating a unique online experience. Though this is true, it has also given allowed for a new opportunity. Since the majority of websites today are recycled mediocrity, it has given way for businesses who have the drive to pull ahead of the pack and be a leader.
The importance of first impressions is incalculable, which is why my focus is on leaving a lasting one. I build performant and impressive websites that cultivate the quality and professionalism of your brand. Through my management services I ensure that your website turns into the most valuable marketing asset you will posses.

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(I am Maydough)

Full-ride college dropout turned website development expert

Right from the start, I've always liked to do things my way. In college, while most of my classmates were okay with just getting by, I was already thinking differently. I've always paid more attention to the little things than most people in my field do, and I've always set the bar high for myself and my work. After college, I ended up back at my parents' place, working as a server in restaurants. But in my free time, I was all about getting better at web development.
Now, I run my own web development company. Here, we stick to those high standards in everything we do. My name is Medo, and I'm the person behind Maydough. I'm not just making websites, I'm making them stand out and do more.

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